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Yoga and Anatomy are Related

Yoga and Anatomy are Related

Yoga is directly related to anatomy. In order to have a successful practice, you have to understand what your asanas are doing for your physical body. Yoga and anatomy are related for many reasons that will help improve your practice. There are five important reasons to know your anatomy before teaching your first class. Understanding

Become a Great Yoga Instructor

How to Become a Great Yoga Instructor

It is crucial to create a sample lesson plan before starting as a new yoga instructor so you can see where your class will go from start to finish. This should include what postures you want to cover, approximate timing, the name of each posture, and anything else you want to cover during the session.

VInyasa Krama

Vinyasa Krama

Vinyasa Krama is the Sanskrit term for a step-by-step progression to a goal. Since we are talking about physical yoga practice, the goal is a complex or advanced asana (posture). We can think of this as the “goal pose”. It usually involves warming up and preparing specific muscles and breathing to achieve them and sustain

ayurveda and balance

Ayurveda and Balance

Ayurveda translates into the science of life. It is a 6,000-year-old ancient system from India that holds the keys to finding balance and health in our modern world. The practice of ayurveda is complex, but its tenets are very simple. Within every living thing, the five elements (water, earth, air, ether, fire) are present, creating

Power of Giving

According to NIH, the power of giving has proven to reduce stress and increase longevity. A dedicated yoga practice, moments of mindfulness, a sweet pause can gift you a more relaxing holiday season.  Tis’ the season to show gratitude for your yoga practice and take the practice off the mat even further and share with others. 

Mental Resilience

Written by: Katrin Mersch This year 2020 is really a challenge, even for the most optimistic people. The pandemic adds to normal stress and triggers uncertainty, aimlessness, fear and anger in us. “Stress is a condition in which the mind and body feel under attack and which, when it becomes chronic, makes us feel helpless.

Making decisions…isn’t always easy

Written by: Katrin Mersch Often we are overwhelmed by the abundance of choices in our lives. There is so much of everything that it is difficult for us to decide. In addition, there are doubts as to whether it was the right choice or whether we will regret it later. And sometimes we should decide

VInyasa Krama

Cooling breathing for Hot days

Sheetali Pranayama, AKA Cooling Breath is a breathing practice that very effectively cools not only the body but also has a calming cooling effect on the mind and the emotions. Sheetali comes from the Sanskrit root ​sheet​, which means “cold” or “frigid.” Interestingly enough, this pranayama also kindles the digestive fire. I find my practice

Teaching Children Yoga

Written by: Jennifer Smeddy Young children are so impressionable and eager to learn. In this challenging time with Covid-19 where children are not as able to interact with one another face to face it is a time to introduce yoga to their daily routine. Just like for adults, the practice of yoga helps to calm

Exploring the energetic Effects of Practice – BRAHMANA, LANGHANA, and SAMANA

Written by: Anupam Raman  The tools of yoga can be divided into three energetic principles. First, there is expansion (brahmana). Second, there’s reduction (langhana). Third, there is balance (samana). We have all worked with these within our yoga practice. To distinguish them, let’s look at their qualities. BRAHMANA LANGHANA SAMANA To Energize To reduce Promotes