Mental Resilience

Written by: Katrin Mersch

This year 2020 is really a challenge, even for the most optimistic people.

The pandemic adds to normal stress and triggers uncertainty, aimlessness, fear and anger in us.

“Stress is a condition in which the mind and body feel under attack and which, when it becomes chronic, makes us feel helpless. At the same time, we also experience ourselves in our vulnerability. If we cannot get this under control, that is, if we feel personally attacked and hurt by the conditions and behavior of our fellow human beings, then we are threatened with illness and burnout. A sensible and sustainable countercurrent to this tendency is the development of resilience. “

(Anna Trökes, Anti-Stress Yoga 2015)

Resilience means resistance and inner stability

Yoga helps us to build up this resilience by learning to find and accept compassion, love, acceptance and tolerance for ourselves, but also for our fellow human beings.

A clear and calm mind is necessary for this and we can achieve it through our yoga practice. So, stick to your yoga.

No matter how angry you are or how afraid you are at the moment in these uncertain times – you are not alone. We’re all sitting in the same boat.

Let’s stand together and help and support one another.

I am there for you with my classes and this blog.

And I look forward to any comments …

All the best,