Practice Mindfulness with Online Yoga Courses

Our everyday lives can get so hectic. We all have bills to pay, jobs to get to, loved ones to care for, and goals to pursue. And even the simplest things can stack up. How do you keep the kitchen clean when you are always cooking another meal? To say nothing of planning for the future, it can feel impossible to stay positive enough to continue the upkeep of just getting by. Our lives can start to feel like a cycle of endless “to-do” lists. Got to get through the day so we can get to sleep so we can wake up and do it all again. And when the alarm goes off, all we want to do is stay in bed to avoid a day filled with obligations. 

Living in Each Moment

Life doesn’t have to feel this way. We can learn to live in each moment knowing that it is a gift to just be alive. Sure, you say, this sounds like a fine goal for a monk or a billionaire. For someone who doesn’t have to manage the day-to-day tasks of staying alive. But how am I supposed to feel grateful for the moment when the moment consists of a job that drains me, diapers to change, or dishes in the sink? 


The answer is mindfulness. No, life is not going to be easy. But when practice increasing your resilience to difficulties, you can find a way to live more in the in-betweens. To even out your mental roller coaster so it rides over more gentle terrain. 

Mindfulness is a skill. It is not learned overnight. And it must be practiced consistently to maintain your skill level. There are many ways to practice mindfulness, but my favorite way is through yoga. Yoga offers a brilliant blending of stillness and movement. Of focus and relaxation. By practicing yoga, we learn to stay focused on the breath, even when the pose is difficult and the mind wants to escape. We learn to stay with the feelings that arise in the body as we move through different postures. And we release pent-up energy and stale emotions through conscious physical effort.

What type of yoga should I practice?

There are many forms of yoga, which means you can find the style that works best for you. It also means that you can change the style you use based on the time of day, time of year, or just your current mental and physical state. But all yogic practices boil down to the same basic idea: connecting the body and the mind through focus on the breath during conscious movement. With practice, yoga starts to feel like home. Even when I wake up to my alarm and wish I could stay wrapped up in my cozy sheets, I also feel the urge to get on my mat because I remember the sweet release the practice offers me. And when I settle onto my mat and begin to breathe and move, I experience a wave of relaxation almost immediately. As I move through the yoga sequence, this wave spreads through my mind and body, setting me up to face any challenges the day has in store.


Learning different breathing techniques and movement practices through yoga sequences will increase your overall sense of ease in life. You will begin to see the benefits throughout your day, not only while you’re on your mat. When you’re driving to work and the traffic aggravates you, you can use a breathing technique to slow your heart rate. When you have to wash the dishes in the evening before cooking dinner and know that you’ll just have to wash them again when you’re finished eating, you can bring your mind to the simple pleasure of feeling the water on your hands and cultivate gratitude for the hot water in your home and the food you are about to enjoy. And sooner than later, these practices will become second nature. You will find yourself breathing deeper when you feel your heart rate rising before you even think to practice. Your mind will start to find things to be grateful for without conscious effort as you move through your day.

Learning mindful movement by practicing yoga can change your life. All that you need to commit to is a regular practice and you will begin to notice the positive differences in your daily life in no time. But, you ask, where can I find yoga studios near me? And how can I block off enough time in my day to travel to and from the studio to take a class? 

Online yoga courses that fit into your schedule

With Leading Yoga, you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of a daily yoga practice. We offer online yoga classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. With Leading Yoga, you can practice mindfulness with online yoga courses. You can join a class on Leading Yoga’s virtual studio from anywhere in the world. We also offer in-person yoga classes in New York City for corporate events.

Leading Yoga offers a holistic approach to health and strives to create online yoga courses that engage and empower participants to live healthy, active lifestyles. In our online studio, you can explore different styles of yoga and meditation and find what works best for you. With Leading Yoga, you can practice mindfulness with online yoga courses. All of our instructors offer patient and personalized feedback and tips for developing a mindfulness practice of your own. And if you are already an experienced practitioner and want to take your practice to the next level, Leading Yoga even offers online yoga teacher training.

Practice Mindfulness with Online Yoga Courses

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This blog was created by Natalya Fearnley who is a Leading Yoga instructor. Natalya is certified instructor in power yoga and restorative yoga. She enjoys teaching a combination of styles with a focus on pranayama that allows her students to feel their strength and release excess energy so they can drop into nourishing stillness and explore the peace of being present in their bodies. Additionally, Natalya is a freelance content writer, copywriter, and editor with Roving Phrase.

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