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Practice Mindfulness with Online Yoga Courses

Our everyday lives can get so hectic. We all have bills to pay, jobs to get to, loved ones to care for, and goals to pursue. And even the simplest things can stack up. How do you keep the kitchen clean when you are always cooking another meal? To say nothing of planning for the

the heart

The Heart

It’s February and of course, the focus on that incredible organ… the heart. Its ability to beat approximately 115,000 times each day. The capability to keep beating even when disconnected from the body and of course, its ability to be broken. Broken heart syndrome is extremely rare but still a real condition.   What do the

The Power of a Smile

A few years ago, I remember commuting to an event in San Francisco on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).   I remember sitting on the train and observing so many people glued to their electronic devices.   Heads down, face without a smile, as I thought to myself this is the new norm.   I was saddened to experience

Keep Moving

Written by: Katharine Larson As we begin to transition from summer to fall, it is important to keep the momentum of the summer energy and hone its potential into something even greater this autumn. Try finding motivation through movement. Simply getting up and taking a walk through the neighborhood can generate so much energy for

An Attitude of Gratitude

Written by: Shalyni Paiyappilly Gratitude is an expression of appreciation for what one has rather than dwelling in negativity or focusing on what is missing. Often it is overlooked but research shows that gratitude can be quite powerful to increase happiness. Having an attitude of gratitude bares no cost nor does it take much time. And