Keep Moving

Written by: Katharine Larson

As we begin to transition from summer to fall, it is important to keep the momentum of the summer energy and hone its potential into something even greater this autumn. Try finding motivation through movement. Simply getting up and taking a walk through the neighborhood can generate so much energy for the rest of your day. Movement can be such a helpful tool to keep the body and mind  going in a forward direction. 

If you feel stuck in a rut or bored with your routine, try something new this month. The beginning of a new month can be a great instigator to break up your routine, get outside your box and keep you fresh and motivated. Whether that be a new workout, an at home project, or learning a new skill, something different will spark your mind and allow for fresh energy to flow into your life. By generating this energy, you will enable yourself to keep your momentum in a forward direction. No matter what, just keep moving! You will see how that energy transforms into something great.