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Why Pranayama Needs To Be a Part of Your Daily Yoga Self-care Practice

Why Pranayama Needs To Be a Part of Your Daily Yoga Self-care Practice

Pranayama is the part of the Yoga Sutras that deals with breathing techniques. Pranayama simply means control (yama) of prana, or life force energy. These breathing practices are an important step in understanding how to balance and regulate your life-force energy, making it easier for you to achieve a meditative state.

the heart

The Heart

It’s February and of course, the focus on that incredible organ… the heart. Its ability to beat approximately 115,000 times each day. The capability to keep beating even when disconnected from the body and of course, its ability to be broken. Broken heart syndrome is extremely rare but still a real condition.   What do the

Yoga Quotes

Mind Nourishment – Yoga Quotes

Exploring nourishing words about yoga can inspire the use of mantras, or help you stay motivated, no matter where you are at in your yoga journey. Yoga is a mind-body practice, and it is fruitful to give your mind the necessary nourishment to focus on as you move on and off the mat. Here are some

Therapy with Nature

Written by: by Shalyni Paiyappilly The greatest therapist on earth is called nature. In today’s times people are detached from nature more than ever. But when one chooses to commune with nature so many beautiful lessons can be gleaned. Here are just a few: Nature does not hurry yet everything gets done. Animals move at their pace

What Are You Clinging To?

Written by: Erin Doty Yoga unfolds and purifies what is no longer needed.  It reveals what we cling to, starting with the breath.  A held breath stifles energy flow, much like holding onto beliefs, expectations, and judgments that can lend to toxicity.  The ancient practice of yoga has eight limbs, and aparigraha is the sixth limb of yoga.  Aparigraha explores

Keep Moving

Written by: Katharine Larson As we begin to transition from summer to fall, it is important to keep the momentum of the summer energy and hone its potential into something even greater this autumn. Try finding motivation through movement. Simply getting up and taking a walk through the neighborhood can generate so much energy for

Pratiloma Ujjayi

Written by: Anupam Raman This can be a calming, balancing, centering, pranayama technique. It utilizes a combination of alternate nostril breathing and ujjayi. Although this may seem somewhat complicated at first, it is actually quite a simple pattern once you practice it. It is important to keep the breath feeling calm, smooth, and pleasant throughout

Wherever You Go There You Are

Written by: Katrin Mersch “Wherever you go there you are” -John Kabbath Zin Whenever you need a break, go out into Nature. It will bring you calm and peace. Take a walk in the park, sit on a bench or in the grass. Maybe you sit by the water. Wherever you go watch what is

VInyasa Krama

Cooling breathing for Hot days

Sheetali Pranayama, AKA Cooling Breath is a breathing practice that very effectively cools not only the body but also has a calming cooling effect on the mind and the emotions. Sheetali comes from the Sanskrit root ​sheet​, which means “cold” or “frigid.” Interestingly enough, this pranayama also kindles the digestive fire. I find my practice