Wherever You Go There You Are

Written by: Katrin Mersch

“Wherever you go there you are” -John Kabbath Zin

Whenever you need a break, go out into Nature. It will bring you calm and peace.

Take a walk in the park, sit on a bench or in the grass. Maybe you sit by the water. Wherever you go watch what is happening around you. Look at the little things, explore even the tiniest movement on the ground or in the water. You could get lost while watching a busy animal doing its thing.

It will take your mind off of what is going on in your life right now. Maybe just for a short while. Maybe your mind will wander off again.

No, not maybe. It will. Your mind will wander off…

Because wherever you go there you are. You take everything with you, no matter where you go. All your thoughts and worries. Every emotion, every memory. Everything will come along.

That’s okay. Just take your time. Use your breath if you can’t keep or can’t find a calm state of being.

Take full deep breaths. Watch them closely as if you were watching waves of the sea rolling in and out.

Try to go out every day. If you are not able to go out, look out the window. Make it a habit. Maybe every day at the same time. Do it alone. Or if you bring someone make sure you both take a few moments to find your quiet.

This sounds like a simple habit to cultivate, but believe me it’s not easy to keep doing it every day or on a regular basis. But it’s worth the effort.