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Yoga for Educators

Yoga for Educators

As a teacher, you understand the importance of taking care of your body and mind. Yoga for educators is Yoga is a great way to do just that! Yoga can help improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance. It can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Not to mention, yoga can also be a lot

Why Pranayama Needs To Be a Part of Your Daily Yoga Self-care Practice

Why Pranayama Needs To Be a Part of Your Daily Yoga Self-care Practice

Pranayama is the part of the Yoga Sutras that deals with breathing techniques. Pranayama simply means control (yama) of prana, or life force energy. These breathing practices are an important step in understanding how to balance and regulate your life-force energy, making it easier for you to achieve a meditative state.

Pranayama Breathing

Pranayama Breathing to Uplift and Energize

The light is beginning to emerge at the end of the tunnel, but let’s face it, we’ve all had quite a year! This year feels more like cramming a decade of anxiety and loss, a full spectrum roller coaster of emotion into the longest/shortest year. This is why pranayama breathing is so important. Pranayama, one

Pratiloma Ujjayi

Written by: Anupam Raman This can be a calming, balancing, centering, pranayama technique. It utilizes a combination of alternate nostril breathing and ujjayi. Although this may seem somewhat complicated at first, it is actually quite a simple pattern once you practice it. It is important to keep the breath feeling calm, smooth, and pleasant throughout

Wherever You Go There You Are

Written by: Katrin Mersch “Wherever you go there you are” -John Kabbath Zin Whenever you need a break, go out into Nature. It will bring you calm and peace. Take a walk in the park, sit on a bench or in the grass. Maybe you sit by the water. Wherever you go watch what is

VInyasa Krama

Cooling breathing for Hot days

Sheetali Pranayama, AKA Cooling Breath is a breathing practice that very effectively cools not only the body but also has a calming cooling effect on the mind and the emotions. Sheetali comes from the Sanskrit root ​sheet​, which means “cold” or “frigid.” Interestingly enough, this pranayama also kindles the digestive fire. I find my practice

Pranayama Breathing

Cool Your Yoga Practice this Summer with Sheetali Breaths

By: Sojourner Williams Practicing yoga during the summer months can have its benefits. The warm weather can help to relax muscles and joints providing ease with flexibility and mobility. If you practice in the morning, the early sunrise can give your morning practice an energetic boost. Summertime also provides many wonderful opportunities to practice outdoors

Breathe cool with Sitali

Written by: Shalyni Paiyappilly Sitali Pranayama is known as the “cooling breath” as it allows air to flow across the tongue and into the mouth. This breathing practice is beneficial in calming the nervous system, improving focus, reducing anxiety and anger, and it can serve as the perfect reprieve during the hot summer months. How

4-7-8 Breathing

Written by: This pranayama has helped me immensely with anxiety.  It’s a very simple breath that can reduce anxiety, help improve sleep, manage cravings, and controlling feelings of anger.   You can practice this by sitting upright or laying down while inhaling for 4 seconds, holding the breath 7 seconds, then exhaling for 8 seconds. 

Practicing Mindfulness During a Pandemic

Written by: Sarah Schoolden There is no secret our planet has risen an immense amount of concern within the past year. We have faced the worst wildfires recorded in history; our oceans are significantly warming up leading to bleaching of the coral reefs – killing off majority of the reefs in our waters; polar ice