Yoga For Better Mental Health

Yoga plays an important part in my and many people’s worldwide mental health. Many practice yoga for better mental health. The act of meditation and breathing practices can affect the physical body but also the brain. In turn, the practice of yoga can help relieve things such as anxiety and depression. The effects on certain parts of the brain can even help memory. I have been practicing yoga for years to help manage stress and anxiety naturally. Yoga helps and even prevents mental and physical issues one may have. 


Pranayama is breathwork that goes along with meditation and asanas. I personally practice breathwork in my daily life. Taking a second to practice your breath can help put you in a beautiful mental spot. Especially if you need a minute from our hectic lives. You also tend to practice breathing work in your daily asana practice to link your motion to your breath. Connecting the two directly affects the nervous system. It also helps us take notice and control what would normally be an automatic function. 

Reduce Mental Decline

Yoga and meditation can reduce and even prevent some mental declines. Harvard did a study showing that yogis had thicker cerebral cortexes and hippocampus. The cerebral cortexes and hippocampus are related to memory and mood parts of our brain. On top of bettering our mood and mental health and helping our memory, this study shows that we may be able to counteract the effects of age-related declines. 

This blog was created by Kassie Ayer who is a current 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification student. Kassie is looking to complete her international certification classes soon at LeadingYoga and begin her first yoga teaching position.

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