Therapy with Nature

Written by: by Shalyni Paiyappilly

The greatest therapist on earth is called nature. In today’s times people are detached from nature more than ever. But when one chooses to commune with nature so many beautiful lessons can be gleaned. 
Here are just a few:

  • Nature does not hurry yet everything gets done. Animals move at their pace and plants are just there doing what they do. None of it is rushed. And we humans tend to rush ourselves like crazy. Take a deep breath. Do not hurry. Be steady.
  • Everything has purpose. It is human tendency to think things in nature are either useful for us or useless. And that is just a bit conceited. When in true observation of nature, we can learn that everything has its own purpose, and that there is so much beauty in the lives of all creatures, even if it does not aid in our own existence.
  • The best things in life truly are free. There is a propensity for many to believe that only money that brings the most joy. And for a good majority of the world there are people tirelessly chasing money which in turn leaves them feeling captive. But true liberation and nourishment can be felt when connecting with a body of water or when being in lush greenery. 
  • Being instead of always doing can bring the most rejuvenation. Engaging in productivity is necessary at times but a life always focused on doing can be unhealthy. Nature shows that by slowing down and just being can improve our wellbeing.
  • The experiences of good and bad in life are inevitable. The fog will clear. The snow will melt.  The clouds fade away. And hurricanes pass. And what follows is usually beautiful weather. Nature teaches that the turbulent moments are inevitable, but inevitably we are likely to experience something lovely.