Yoga and Anatomy are Related

Yoga and Anatomy are Related

Yoga is directly related to anatomy. In order to have a successful practice, you have to understand what your asanas are doing for your physical body. Yoga and anatomy are related for many reasons that will help improve your practice. There are five important reasons to know your anatomy before teaching your first class. Understanding movement, understanding alignment, understanding the benefits of the poses, understanding how to manage pain, and finally understanding when to let go and not to push. It is important that each student listens to the limits of their own body. This ensures that students do not cause self-injury by overworking or pushing their bodies too hard. 

The Link to Anatomy

You have to know about how and what the body does in order to properly teach yoga. In order to get your students to their highest potential you need to understand their bodies’ personal limitations. This helps boost confidence and avoid injuries from your student pushing themselves further than applicable. Knowing your anatomy can help you with the alignments in your asanas as well. It will help you stack your body properly. For example how to properly stack your Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Sacral vertebrae.  As well as help you bring awareness to your physical self and how it can move. 

Yoga is Healing

Yoga is important in my life because it is a healing mechanism that I have relied on since I was little. I have improved my practice a lot over the years but there is still much I am working on. Including my mental connection to yoga. I am currently practicing some of the Yamas for this reason. I am practicing non-indulgence and non-violence. By doing so I am practicing self-discipline in my mental abilities. These practices along with some others are believed by yogis to help create a full well-rounded life of peace and happiness.

Ongoing Yoga Practice

I will continue to practice yoga forever as it makes me feel at peace and connected to myself as well as the earth we depend on. As a new yoga instructor, I am excited for the newest part of my journey to be able to teach. I am excited about sharing my passion and knowledge with the people of my community. I have already been offered a small teaching position at a studio in Belfast as well as talked to local high schools about evening classes for the community. The best part for me is everyone sitting up after Shavasana with a smile on their face and their soul calmed, even if it’s just for a moment. 

This blog was created by Kassie Ayer who is a current 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification student. Kassie is looking to complete her international certification classes soon at LeadingYoga and begin her first yoga teaching position.

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