Teaching Children Yoga

Written by: Jennifer Smeddy

Young children are so impressionable and eager to learn. In this challenging time with Covid-19 where children are not as able to interact with one another face to face it is a time to introduce yoga to their daily routine. Just like for adults, the practice of yoga helps to calm an anxious, uplift a depressed mind, allows for the mind to go inward, to learn more about your true self and to stay physically active as well.   

If you have small children consider teaching them how to practice Yoga sun salutations, basic breath-work techniques (Pranayama) and how to meditate too. This can be a new family routine. You only need about 15-20 minutes of time each date to complete 3-5 sun salutations together, Google and try a Pranayama technique and to sit in a meditative state.   

During my time living and practicing Yoga in Rishikesh, India, I observed young children and adults practicing yoga together as a part of their daily lives. This included breath work, yoga asanas/postures and meditation. When we start a yoga practice during our early stages of development we learn a way to ensure we stay mindful and present in the moment and a true connection to self. I encourage you the reader to do the same and introduce your children to the practice of yoga.