Ayurveda and Balance

ayurveda and balance

Ayurveda translates into the science of life. It is a 6,000-year-old ancient system from India that holds the keys to finding balance and health in our modern world.

The practice of ayurveda is complex, but its tenets are very simple. Within every living thing, the five elements (water, earth, air, ether, fire) are present, creating a life force. The five elements need to be balanced and harmonious . This balance lends itself to being in good health. Therefore, when we’re in poor health, there is an elemental disturbance or imbalance; there may be too much fire, too much earth, and too much air.

The three doshas

This is where the three Ayurvedic doshas or constitutions come in. There are three main constitutions or doshas depending upon their predominant elements. Individuals can be placed into one of three doshas. This is according to Ayurveda.

Kapha– water and earth

Pitta– fire

Vata– air and ether

Ayurveda asks us to know ourselves, so we can create a lifestyle that brings harmony and health.

What foods we should eat, or what meditations and yoga asanas we should practice are all unique to our specific constitution or dosha combined with the knowledge of our imbalances.

Furthermore, being a healthy human is not a monolithic experience.

Food, Spices, and Herbs

Food, spices, and herbs are used as medicine. This is dependent upon a person’s specific constitution or imbalance. This results in mind, body, spirit balance.

A Vata (air and ether) feels grounded if they are given warm, sticky and spicy foods. This is because those foods contain the fire, earth, and water that they lack. Additionally, If you give warm, sticky, spicy food to a Pitta (fire), you aggravate them.

Within each individual, within each constitution, there lies a perfect blueprint for health and balance. Additionally, Ayurveda gives us the wisdom and knowledge to tap into this intelligence, it teaches us to find a modern pot of gold- balance.

Utilizing Ayurveda is preventative and nutritive. Also, Ayurveda is natural and so very compassionate. Finally, Ayurveda and balance may be the key to a harmonious life. 

This blog was created by Shalyni Paiyappilly, RYT 200. Shlyani is a NY State Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Registered Yoga / Meditation Teacher, Sound Vibration Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, and a singer. It is her mission to inspire peace in others. Shalyni currently works full-time providing psycho-therapy at a private practice group. She is currently an instructor at LeadingYoga.com teaching online yoga and meditation classes and has written many blogs including ones on the topic of Mind Nourishment – Yoga Quotes and Therapy with Nature.

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