Making decisions…isn’t always easy

Written by: Katrin Mersch

Often we are overwhelmed by the abundance of choices in our lives. There is so much of everything that it is difficult for us to decide. In addition, there are doubts as to whether it was the right choice or whether we will regret it later. And sometimes we should decide fast, otherwise, the offer is gone or the thing of desire is sold or someone is waiting for your reply. This can lead to stress. I really believe that gut decisions are mostly the better ones. But as it is so often the case, that’s not always true. Do you make decisions based on your gut feeling or do you think long and hard? Do you write lists and ask other people for their opinion. Or is the first impulse your guide? Both are fine. Once you’ve made up your mind it is important that you are not afraid to stand by your decision, even if friends or acquaintances criticize you for it. YOU live with this choice and if it was the wrong one, change it or learn to accept it. If you ever get stuck, use meditation to find an answer. Meditation brings you closer to your true sensations and feelings:

● Sit up straight and focus on your breath.

● Deepen it.

● Let yourself be slowly calmed down by it.

● Then think about what you need to decide.

● Imagine that you’ve made up your mind – really imagine how it would be like and see how you feel about it.

● Then imagine you did decide differently. Found your answer? If not, at least you’re a lot calmer now and more open-minded to make your decision. Trust yourself and take care.