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Yoga is the Practice of Life

Written by: Jennifer Smeddy Part of the yoga practice is learning to be present in the current moment and to be the observer of your life. When you practice yoga poses (asanas) the practice is teaching you to be the observer. Consider how you need to focus and observe your breath during your asana practice.

Practicing Mindfulness During a Pandemic

Written by: Sarah Schoolden There is no secret our planet has risen an immense amount of concern within the past year. We have faced the worst wildfires recorded in history; our oceans are significantly warming up leading to bleaching of the coral reefs – killing off majority of the reefs in our waters; polar ice

Spring is Here

Written by: Lillian Cuthbert The arrival of spring always seems to bring with it the promise of new beginnings. Just like flowers opening, birds coming back from winter migration, it is a great time for us to cleanse our minds and start anew. Now especially, as we stay at home during the covid pandemic, is

Gratitude Journal

Written by: Jennifer Smeddy Early in my yoga journey I knew I needed to find something to help with my overactive mind and how I could always seem to find an issue in a situation. A close friend of mine suggested keeping a morning gratitude journal. This is how my daily gratitude journal started a

EFT Tapping 

Written by: Nandini Trivedi In today’s world, there are so many different healing modalities other than modern medicine. The beauty of this is that there is help when we need it and it is very accessible. One method that has truly helped me get to the root of my issues and clear them is “EFT”

Anxiety is Painful, Nadi Shodhana Can Help

Written by: Ruthie Hanan I know I don’t even need to say it, but boy is it a crazy time.  None of us have ever experienced anything like what our world is currently going through with the coronavirus. Those who have never experienced anxiety are likely to now experience it, and those who have suffered

‘Is it okay to be okay?’

Wirtten by: Katrin Mersch ‘Is it okay to be okay?’ Hello! I am Katrin and I am excited to be a new teacher here at Leading Yoga. Before Coronavirus I had noticed that I should take better care of myself. As a yoga instructor, I was running around the city every day to teach my

Staying grounded in the age of Coronavirus

Written by: Lillian Cuthbert Currently, here in NY, and probably in your area too, you have been asked to stay at home, self-quarantine. Things you normally do are closed. You are working from home, or maybe not working at all. You can’t visit friends or family — especially not your older relatives. You can’t go

15 Questions for Self-Exploration

Written by: Jennifer Schidlow There’s nothing like a little contemplation and self-awareness to deepen our authenticity and support us in the pursuit of living fuller lives. Now seems like a great time to pause and ask some questions.Take some time to reflect, and then answer these questions at a pace that works best for you;

Virtual yoga v. Studio yoga

Written by: Jaime Ormont Since we are all stuck indoors, there have been many more offerings online for virtual yoga. Some die-hard studio fans may shy away from this concept, but here are a few pros and cons I’ve found from a teacher and student’s perspective.The cons are what you would imagine. Not practicing in