Spring is Here

Written by: Lillian Cuthbert

The arrival of spring always seems to bring with it the promise of new beginnings. Just like flowers opening, birds coming back from winter migration, it is a great time for us to cleanse our minds and start anew. Now especially, as we stay at home during the covid pandemic, is a great opportunity to examine our daily routines, and maybe change things up. It is time to start that daily meditation practice you have always said you want to start,  change what time you wake up and go to sleep, or maybe embark on a new diet.  

For me, around now, I like to take stock of where I am, what I am happy doing, and what I would like to change. Do I feel I wake up too sluggish in the mornings? Am I too active in the evenings to go to bed at a reasonable hour? What can I do to control my life better, feel less stress, more satisfaction? The answers to these questions can lead you to discover what you want to change. 

Keep in mind that by change, I don’t mean radical changes, just small adjustments. Just like you go to the doctor once a year, I use the beginning of spring as my mental checkup appointment. And, like my body changes over time as I age, my mental body changes too. I always look forward to spring as a way to tinker with my lifestyle changes and re-calibrate it, and I offer this up as a suggestion for you to do the same.