Yoga is the Practice of Life

Written by: Jennifer Smeddy

Part of the yoga practice is learning to be present in the current moment and to be the observer of your life.

When you practice yoga poses (asanas) the practice is teaching you to be the observer. Consider how you need to focus and observe your breath during your asana practice. This is teaching your how to observe in life and to remain calm. Consider how you have to observe your point of focus (dristi) when working on a balancing posture. This is teaching balance and focus not only on the mat but in life. Consider how you sometimes loose your balance during class. This is teaching you to let go of your ego and to try again. Consider how you are still during corpse pose (savanana). This is teaching us in death there is stillness and to accept all aspects of life.

Yoga is preparation for life and not just an activity we do a few times a week to keep physically fit. It is so much more. To be present with the even changing way things are and to not have attachment for the way things are right now as everything changes. Next time you find yourself feeling upset or angry that things are not the way you thought they would be consider being the observer. To see things how they currently are and not how you want them to be and an amazing thing will happen. Your mind will quiet, you will be able to make important decisions more succinctly, to move with intention and find your breath is calmer and more steady. 

Take your yoga practice with you in all aspects of life. The next time you are on your mat consider what each pose is trying to teach you. What is waiting for the class to begin teaching you? What are you going to learn from your asana practice today? There is something new to learn each and every time we get onto our mats. Remember that life is an ever changing process and it is our role to be the observer through this practice.