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Become a Great Yoga Instructor

How to Become a Great Yoga Instructor

It is crucial to create a sample lesson plan before starting as a new yoga instructor so you can see where your class will go from start to finish. This should include what postures you want to cover, approximate timing, the name of each posture, and anything else you want to cover during the session.

How Effective Really is Membership with the Yoga Alliance?

Written by: Nandini Trivedi Many times when prospective students are searching for yoga teacher training programs (YTT) they often will think they need to go with a school that is Yoga Alliance Certified. While it is effective to have a formal education on the teachings of yoga, this is actually a huge misconception because you

Yoga is the Practice of Life

Written by: Jennifer Smeddy Part of the yoga practice is learning to be present in the current moment and to be the observer of your life. When you practice yoga poses (asanas) the practice is teaching you to be the observer. Consider how you need to focus and observe your breath during your asana practice.

My Experience of Yoga Teacher Training

Written by: Nandini Trivedi I originally went to take Yoga teacher training because I was in between jobs and needed something to pass the time until I figured out what my next step would be. Little did I know that this training would change my life forever. The 200 hours of yoga, breathwork, philosophy, meditation