Pandemic kindness

Written by: Shalyni Paiyappilly

The times of Covid-19 has brought out the true colors within everyone. Relationships with self, family, partners, friends, and with other humans have experienced moments challenge. It’s so easy to complain, talk about everything that is going wrong, and remain in pain. Selfish acts, negative communications and harsh interactions never propels one forward. Dwelling in negative self talk and/or continuing to treat others judgmentally only creates more suffering and negativity which just doesn’t bring any sort of positive.

The only way out of this way of being is through kindness. If you want to experience love and kindness in your world then you have to be it. It really does start with ones self-relationship. By feeding your inner critic and all those you meet with loving kindness -your world will transform and  then it will feel easy to dwell in the goodness of life.