‘Is it okay to be okay?’

Wirtten by: Katrin Mersch

‘Is it okay to be okay?’ Hello! I am Katrin and I am excited to be a new teacher here at Leading Yoga. Before Coronavirus I had noticed that I should take better care of myself. As a yoga instructor, I was running around the city every day to teach my classes in different studios. I was really exhausted at the end of each day. Everything was hurting and I wished I had more time for myself and I could stay at home more. And now I have to stay at home and I have to admit I like it. But in times of Coronavirus, it is kind of wrong to feel like this, isn’t it? What I mean by this is that so many people suffer and / or die from this virus and I enjoy being at home? The last weeks, I had to deal with myself much more than usually and I had to find out how to design my everyday life so that I can continue to pursue my passion (yoga / meditation) and of course to also earn money. Because: no teaching, no income. So, I sat in front of the computer for days to learn how to provide online classes. I don’t usually like to sit in front of the PC, but now I had to. My husband, who has been working on the computer from home for a long time, supported me and helped me wherever he could. Thank God! Now I offer my classes online! And it makes me happy to be able to do this from home. I don’t have to run anywhere and in between classes I have time for myself and my husband. But is it okay to feel this way right now? The answer is YES, because our work as Yoga and Mediation instructor is more important now than ever. We help our clients to find peace. We teach them how to let go of stress and fear. And we have to feel good in order to do that. Everyone does! Of course, you don’t have to be a Yoga instructor to help others.​If you don’t feel too bad at home in this situation, but you know people who struggle with their life right now, try to contact them on a regular basis. A conversation on the phone, an online date, a joint online meditation or a joint online book club or so can help them not to feel lonely and lost. You both can share your feelings and thoughts. We’re all in this together and together we are stronger. The important thing is to accept this situation that we all are in. It will help to find calm and focus. And whenever you feel overwhelmed by anger, frustration or anxiety try sitting still, closing your eyes and say this mantra loud or only in your head as you mindfully breathe in and out. You can say it as often as you like until you feel better. ‘May I be happy and healthy. May you be happy and healthy. May the world be happy and healthy.’ Take good care of yourself. I mean it.