The Benefits of Pigeon Pose or Kapotasana

Pigeon pose or Kapotasana has always been a favorite asana (posture) of mine and the benefits of pigeon pose of kapotasana are enormous. It has many health benefits for the mental and physical state. Focusing on the lower back and hip flexors this is a great posture to help increase mobility in the hips. This pose is also known to have some anti-anxiety and de-stressing effects as well. There are two Variations of this pose: Kapotasana Sanskrit translation Pigeon posture and King Pigeon pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. 

Physical Benefits

There are physical benefits of pigeon pose of kapotasana. When practicing pigeon you are stretching your hip flexor and your lower back. By doing this you are increasing flexibility and mobility in both of those areas. After a warm-up session, in order to reduce any injuries to the focus areas, you can practice this posture. This posture should not begin your practice. You also must remember to stretch the body evenly making sure you rotate your legs during your practice. It is important to create that balance in your body. There are digestive benefits to this asana. The gentle movement to the abdomen helps guide items through the digestive tract otherwise known as peristalsis. Pigeon pose can also do wonders for anxiety or stress relief.  According to Ayurvedic medicine — stress, sadness, and fear are stored in your hips. Regularly practicing the pose may help relieve internal stress or worry. 


There are so many benefits to pigeon pose it is hard not to want to put it in all of your favorite sequencings. Practicing this posture properly can lead to amazing health benefits overall for any yogi. However, this posture may not be for you if you are pregnant or have chronic pain in the focused areas. (Hip, Lower Back, Knees) After deciding if Pigeon or Kings Pigeon is right for you I invite you to really breathe deep into the space you are creating in the lower back and outer hip. Be an explorer and advocate of your body. 

This blog was created by Kassie Ayer who is a current 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification student. Kassie is looking to complete her international certification classes soon at LeadingYoga and begin her first yoga teaching position with Ananda Yoga in Belfast, Maine.

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