Yoga and Empowerment

Written by: Jaime Ormont

Initially I started my yoga journey after a surgery and health struggle to get back into shape. I was feeling weak both physically and mentally and yoga was suggested to help ease me back into movement. My yoga practice ended up becoming so much more than just a physical activity, but empowered me to feel present in my own body.
I don’t think I ever had a strong mindbody connection until exploring my body through yoga. Asana requires you to tune in so deeply to the movement and placement of your body in space, it drowns out all external distractions. Spending time focusing on the positioning and activation every part of your body, allows you to find communication between mind and body. For example when I would feel back pain in the past, it was a very broad idea of what was bothering me. Through learning about my personal anatomy and how my body moves through space, I can narrow down and pinpoint where in my body the discomfort lies and originates from. I now feel like I have a more throughout road map of my body.
This had empowered me in so many ways. Firstly, when I’m feeling sick or “off”, I can better articulate what is bothering me to receive help from doctors and health practitioners. In addition to receiving outside help, I am able to better treat discomfort by having paid attention to what movement an activities on my body can give me relief. Secondly, I feel stronger and less clumsy. I used to find myself bumping into things and losing balance. Now I feel I have a better idea of where my body is and spatial awareness. Finally, knowing more about my body and movement makes me feel more in control. Being able to have a healthy dialogue with my body and giving it what it needs give me more energy and strength through body and mind. 
Yoga is so much more than just exercise. It is a practice that not only strengthens your body, but strengthening the communication between your body and mind. This in turn makes you feel more empowered operating your body, your vessel through life.