What Made you Become a Yoga Instructor?

Written by: Erin Doty

I became a yoga instructor to help others unify and transform their lives. Yoga helped me regain mobility and navigate chronic illness with great hope and ease. Immbolity brought me to yoga.  My practice didn’t start with traditional yoga asanas (poses), it started and primarily remained with corpse pose or savansana for years. This is the power of savasana!  For those years, meditation and breathing led me to small victories towards achieving full mobility.  Not only did yoga help my physical mobility, the practice continued to purify my system on many levels clearing energy blockages, imprinted beliefs, yoking the layers of my being, and optimizing my health.  Back to the power of savanasa!  I share with students that moments in savasana hold the secrets to dreams coming true.  It’s in savasana, the answers you seek are revealed.  Not only do our dreams need will,  action, and hope…they need space.  I learned the great gift of space and stillness in this pose.  Savasana offers a tender embrace from the earth, the cosmos, and all around.  A sweet presence, deeper peace within is revealed and expanded in corpse pose. Yoga and the final resting pose, savasana, are an antidote to the plugged in, high stress, go and do mentality of our culture. Invest in a daily yoga practice and experience greater health and the magic in your life!