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Teaching Methodologies for Yoga Instructors

There are many different ways to approach teaching yoga. Some instructors focus on performing the poses perfectly and demonstrating the “correct” way to do each pose. Others take a more flowing, vinyasa-based approach, emphasizing the connection between breath and movement. And still, others focus on guiding students through a mindfulness or relaxation practice. What’s the

Become a Great Yoga Instructor

How to Become a Great Yoga Instructor

It is crucial to create a sample lesson plan before starting as a new yoga instructor so you can see where your class will go from start to finish. This should include what postures you want to cover, approximate timing, the name of each posture, and anything else you want to cover during the session.

What Made you Become a Yoga Instructor?

Written by: Erin Doty I became a yoga instructor to help others unify and transform their lives. Yoga helped me regain mobility and navigate chronic illness with great hope and ease. Immbolity brought me to yoga.  My practice didn’t start with traditional yoga asanas (poses), it started and primarily remained with corpse pose or savansana

Pranayama Breathing

Pratipaksha Bhavana: Positivity is Always an Option

Written by: Sojourner Walker Williams Pratipaksha Bhavana, the practice of choosing positivity, does not always come easily or naturally. When life gets in the way of our plans, it’s much easier to see the negative side of things. You walk through the doorway and stumble over the raised strip on the floor – “I hate this house!”