The Power of Shopping Local

Written by: Katharine Larson

One of my favorite summer activities is taking a trip to my local farmer’s market. There is so much satisfaction in purchasing locally sourced produce, making a huge salad, and devouring that salad chock full of nutrients sans hormones and GMOs. Because the produce is grown nearby, the food you are purchasing is much fresher and thereby retains more of its original nutritional value. Fresher produce also means a longer shelf life! Fun fact: the cilantro from the farmer’s market lasts a week in my fridge, where the cilantro I buy from the supermarket lasts only two days.

Not only is it healthier to shop local, but you are also doing the environment and the economy a huge favor. Local farms tend to use much more sustainable farming techniques. Examples include avoiding the use of medicated feeds, synthetic chemicals, and GMOs as well as using pollinator-friendly practices and mechanical weeding. In order to help out our economy, I’ve consciously made an effort these past few months to purchase food from my local farmer’s market and dine (take-out and delivery) at locally owned small businesses. It’s a small gesture towards our economy, but it seems the least I can do despite these tough times.