A Beginners Guide to Yoga

Beginners Guide to Yoga

The beautiful part about yoga is that there isn’t just one type of style to practice and today I present you with a beginners guide to yoga. When you look at all the different styles of yoga there is chair yoga, hot yoga, gentle yoga, and so on. This means there are all different types of styles one can experiment with as a beginner to yoga.

Experimenting with yoga styles

Trying out the different types of yoga is an amazing opportunity for beginner yogis since they are able to see which styles they prefer. People, who are new to yoga can ask themselves questions like: do I prefer a practice more focused on meditation or maybe one that has intense asanas?  Only the yogi can find the answer and the important part to know is that there is no right or wrong answer.

Listening to your body as it changes

As a beginner to yoga, it is key to listen to the body to see what it needs as each day is different. In addition, each person is different as well. So what might work for one person most days, might be completely opposite for someone else. This is why exploring the different options of yoga is a journey that is imperative and will be authentic to each individual.

This blog “A Beginners Guide to Yoga” was created by Andrea Toro, RYT 200. Andrea discovered yoga while attending college in New Jersey. She fell in love with the practice of yoga in her first session and knew she wanted to become a yoga instructor immediately.  She is currently an instructor at Leading Yoga teaching online yoga classes. Andrea has taught chair yoga, yoga classes for kids, and gentle yoga.