Auricular Therapy and Ear Seeds

Auricular therapy also known as ear acupuncture originates in traditional Chinese Medicine. Ear seeds are tiny metal beads placed along points on your ear that represent different organs. These seeds stay on for 5-7 days allowing them to have a prolonged effect on your body. They help to regulate the energy flow through the meridians or pathways on your ear to alleviate all types of pain.

Ear seeds have been so beneficial to me in helping ease symptoms of physical pain and anxiety. These tiny seeds press down on the pressure points targeted to give you relief from the issue that you are experiencing. It’s essentially acupressure. These seeds are like tiny crystal stickers.

Most of our pain is perceived in the mind. Pain feeds into anxiety and anxiety feeds into creating more pain. When our nervous system is relaxed we experience less of the physical symptoms of pain. Ear seeds help to relax the mind and in turn relax the body. 

This blog was created by Nandini Trivedi who has been practicing yoga and teaching yoga for many years. She has conducted yoga sessions with New York City’s workers via Zoom during the pandemic to help keep workers calm and centered.

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