Virtual yoga v. Studio yoga

Written by: Jaime Ormont

Since we are all stuck indoors, there have been many more offerings online for virtual yoga. Some die-hard studio fans may shy away from this concept, but here are a few pros and cons I’ve found from a teacher and student’s perspective.
The cons are what you would imagine. Not practicing in a community setting can be discouraging. Not having an instructor in the room correcting or cheering you on may make you second guess your form in asana. You aren’t able to get visual cues from other students. The pacing may be different. If you are a social person and enjoy that part of the practice, you may find yourself feeling a bit lonely. Despite all of this, I have found a few pros in my at home practice.
First pro is no need for self consciousness. You can turn off your video and no one can see you practicing. It allows you to try new things and take more risks without an audience. You may also be inspired to try your own variations and find something that works well for your body. It may help you begin to develop your own home practice. Second pro is trying out lots of new teachers and studios. You can take classes at studios all over the country and world from your own living room! Maybe there’s a teacher whose class you’ve wanted to take and couldn’t make it. Now is your chance! Lots of opportunities to explore different styles of yoga and find more instructors you connect with and draw inspiration from. You can also reconnect with other class members before and after class to hang out and meet new friends. 
Although all of our routines have been disrupted and our yoga practice may feel ungrounded, now is a great time to explore social media for new instructors and classes. Even though you are stuck at home, you can always find new communities in yoga.