EFT Tapping 

Written by: Nandini Trivedi

In today’s world, there are so many different healing modalities other than modern medicine. The beauty of this is that there is help when we need it and it is very accessible. One method that has truly helped me get to the root of my issues and clear them is “EFT” or Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and is very similar to Acupuncture. Using our fingers, we gently tap on the meridian points or energy centers located on the face and body to help release deep rooted emotions and reset the channels of energy in our body. 

As we tap, we can work with an EFT practitioner to help guide us through the process of verbalizing our emotions and story. Putting our feelings into words allows us to feel less trapped and thus beginning the release of pain and negative emotions. Tapping on the meridian points while bringing up the issue that is bothering us ignites our parasympathetic nervous system bringing us to a relaxed state letting the body know that it is ok to rest and in turn it resets our entire system as we feel a release. 

Every experience that we have is not just physical or mental, it is both combined. We feel everything mentally and physically whether we realize it or not. These experiences get stored in our mind and body and if they aren’t life affirming or serving our highest good, it is important that we work to release them. The wonderful benefit of tapping is that it helps us to reintegrate the physical with the mental and the emotional. It brings us to a place where we can break those self limiting thought and behavior patterns to create a shift to become one step closer to our highest self.