Change – The only constant in life.

By: Katrin Mersch

I sincerely hope that you are well. These are difficult times and we all have made sacrifices. But there is also a good side to all of this: we are very well able to work together and help each other when it matters. We achieved a lot in this crisis and that’s really remarkable. Every one of us can be proud of ourselves. Now pat your shoulder and say “Thank you so much for all your sacrifices and your support during these past weeks!”

Feels good, right? I know, we will have to stay patient and considerate these coming weeks, but you know what: change is the only constant. It’s true, and if we keep that in mind and know that it applies to all of us, it makes it much easier to endure. So, like good times always come to an end, this difficult time shall pass, too. 2020 has already demanded a lot from all of us and maybe there will be a lot more to come, but so far we have mastered it well.​If we just keep going and help each other through this phase of life, we will emerge stronger on the other side of this crisis.

And don’t forget, we have yoga to help us. The regular practice of yoga promotes inner balance. This ability to be calm and relaxed contributes a lot to the success of a good relationship with our Self and all of the unknown that is awaiting us. Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end. (Robin Sharma)